Tracy WWTP Project

Tracy WWTP Project

Phase I-Water Transmission Mains and Pump Station Improvements, Phase II-Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent Outfall Pipeline.

BSK’s scope of the Tracy WWTP Project supports $24 million of improvements to include within, and connections, to the City’s wastewater treatment plant, across roadways, agricultural and unimproved and unincorporated property. For BSK, it involves a combination of specification and test requirements (ASTM and Caltrans).

Phase 1 of this project included the installation of approximately 6,000 linear feet of 30-inch diameter pipe and 17,500 linear feet of 25-inch diameter pipe from the recycled water pump station within the City’s wastewater treatment plant, across agricultural and unimproved property and roads (owned by the City and County). Additionally, Phase 2 (underway) includes the installation of an additional 10,000 linear feet of 24-inch diameter pipe.

Tracy WWTP

In addition, BSK performed materials testing and special inspection services including:

  • Earthwork and pavement observation.
  • Sampling and testing.
  • Testing for controlled density fill and structural concrete.
  • Concrete/masonry and welding inspections.
  • Nondestructive testing for the welded pipe segments.
  • HMA sampling and testing.

A portion of the project also included concrete slurry encased piping, pavement grinding and overlays, and micro surfacing slurry seal.

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