Kirker Pass Truck Climbing Lane

Kirker Pass Truck Climbing Lane

Kirker Pass Northbound Truck Climbing Lane project, client was Contra Costa County Public Works.

Kirker Pass Northbound Truck Climbing Lane project, client as Contra Costa County Public Works.

The Kirker Pass truck climbing lane project is approximately two miles in length  providing a 12-foot truck lane and 8-foot paved shoulder. The project also includes six retaining walls due to the existing slopes and drainage adjacent to the roadway. BSK’s role focused on the quality assurance materials testing services to the project including hot-mix asphalt observation and testing of Type A and RHMA-G paving materials, as well as soil compaction testing for embankment fill and structural backfill, performed using Caltrans Specifications.

BSK Associates is proud to have served Contra Costa County Public Works Department.

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