Meet The BSK Staff: Damian Montoya, IT Analyst

Get ready to meet Damian Montoya, our skilled IT Analyst at BSK Associates! Damian plays a crucial role in ensuring our technology runs smoothly, supporting our team in delivering top-notch services. Join us as we delve into Damian’s journey at BSK Associates, showcasing the diverse talents that drive our success. Stay tuned for more insider glimpses into the incredible individuals shaping our work!


Interviewer: Hi Damian! Can you tell me a little about where you are from. Where is your hometown and where did you go to school?

Damian: Hello! I was born in Fontana, California and grew up all over San Bernardino County – living in Upland, Ontario, and Chino, to name a few, finally settling in Fontana, where I was the second graduating class from the then brand-new Jurupa Hills High School. After that, I ventured up to Monterey to attend California State University, Monterey Bay to pursue a degree in Computer Science. I attended CSUMB for a year before those hefty Bay area prices caught up to me, to which I then moved to Fresno and attended Fresno City College. It was there that I fell in love with Mathematics, earning my AA in Mathematics. I transferred to CSU Fresno shortly before the COVID pandemic (which made for some interesting and difficult times for my upper divisional classes for both students and professors alike) and ultimately graduated with my bachelor’s in Pure Mathematics.

Interviewer: How long have you worked for BSK and what do you do for the organization?

Damian: I first started with BSK part-time back in 2017 for a year while I was at Fresno City College. Shortly after earning my Bachelor’s, I started working with BSK at the tail-end of 2022. I have now been officially with BSK for over a year as an IT Analyst, where I provide technical support for all our locations and staff, manage systems, and develop automations that run behind the scenes of our operations such as automated notifications, project folder creations, data syncs between our systems. I’m also learning more about LIMS administration side – it’s got me really fascinated with managing databases and queries!

Interviewer: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Damian: There’s always something new to learn – we use many robust and complex systems so it’s always fascinating to me when I learn about them as I am the type who loves even reading the instruction/user manual for my tech purchases at home! I love when a good challenge comes my way because those ‘ah-ha!’ moments after solving a particularly frustrating issue are like a +1 on my personal scoreboard. The automation development part of my job is also such a fun time for me because I get to programmatically define the logical steps and control statements of a workflow using a low-code platform. It makes it all the sweeter to watch the jobs run as expected. As a bonus, when planning for some automations, I get to learn more about the processes of other departments. All this to say I enjoy everything about my job as it combines my love for programming, technology, math, teaching, and systematic problem-solving.

Interviewer: Can you tell us your favorite on the job story?

Damian: My favorite story is when I had the pleasure of representing BSK at last year’s Deltek ProjectCon in Orlando. We were chosen to give a presentation on how we used their low-code integration platform to improve efficiency for BSK. I was nervous and kept stumbling on my words during the practice presentations, but when it was our time to present, all the nerves just went away, and the presentation went flawlessly! We were complimented on how well and natural it was presented, keeping it fun and engaging with small quips and banter. After the presentation, I got to network with other attendees who saw the presentation, recognized me, and wanted to discuss the automations and all its possibilities – I really got to nerd out! It was a great opportunity and a new experience for me that I will always look back on fondly.

Back at our home office, celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries or holidays are a great time – playing guitar, laughing, shooting the breeze, and eating delicious food with everyone brings us all together. I love when I hear music in the air when I go into some of the labs, particularly when I go to the Micro department to work on their printers or computers, they have a great playlist that gets me moving with some nice 90s and 00s R&B!

Interviewer: Thank you so much for answering all these questions today. Can we leave off by you relaying some fun facts about yourself?

Damian: Of course! I used to compete in many MMA tournaments in California and Nevada when I was younger. During one of the tournaments, Tapout’s Skyscrape presented me with my medal – I didn’t know who he was until my sensei and parents excitedly told me. I had thought he was just some random tall guy giving me a medal. On a parallel note, my spouse and I were extras in a small independent movie shot in Fresno’s Rainbow Ballroom called Victory by Submission cheering in a crowd of an octagon fight – I didn’t see myself in the final cut, but my spouse can be seen cheering front row of the crowd.

I have my own home recording studio that I like to experiment with. I play the guitar, bass, drums, kalimba, and a mean triangle. I also have a didgeridoo that I got from Australia but still don’t know how to play it correctly (I’ve tried many times). I’m a big fan of classic rock and metal – been so since I was a kid. Aerosmith is one of my favorites. Fast forward to high school, I was at CSU San Bernadino leaving a class when I couldn’t get a ride back immediately, so I chose to walk back home to Fontana. By the time I should have been home had I gotten a ride, I get a picture from my mother of herself with none other than the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, in the random Fontana gas station down the block from where I had lived. I still don’t let her live it down to this day.

Interviewer: Thank you, Damian, for your time in this interview, and being a part of this effort to introduce the amazing BSK staff!

Meet the BSK Staff

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