Safety Reminder for Adverse Weather Conditions

Safety Reminder: As provided by OSHA, here are some key tips to ensure worker safety during adverse weather conditions:

  • Daily weather forecast monitoring.
  • Being aware of approaching hurricanes and storms.
  • Training workers to identify signs of approaching bad weather conditions – such as thunder in the distance, dark clouds, increasing wind speeds, etc.
  • Securing loose objects and other materials at the worksite.
  • Ensuring workers wear proper protective clothing such as rain gear, anti-slip soled shoes, ribbed gloves, etc.
  • Ensuring workers are equipped with proper personal fall protection systems.
  • Securing worksites with adverse weather safeguards.
  • Providing areas for safe shelter at open worksites.
  • Temporary cessation of work at heights or on scaffolding.
  • Rescheduling or rearranging work tasks so that workers are not exposed to the elements.
  • Temporary stoppage of electrical work and the use of heavy machinery.
  • Securing excavation areas and trenches.
  • Gathering workers for a quick review of safety protocols and emergency procedures and exits.
  • Wearing bright and reflective safety jackets or outer clothing to ensure being visible when carrying out work tasks.
  • Using equipment and tools that are designed to be used in wet weather conditions.
  • Ensuring employees are trained to identify and safeguard against cold stress.

Remember, safety is our top priority at BSK. Let’s work together to ensure everyone stays safe, rain or shine! At BSK we own our safety.

For more information visit Winter Weather – Cold Stress | Occupational Safety and Health Administration (

Safety Reminder for Adverse Weather Conditions

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