Construction of New BSK Lab

Construction of New BSK Lab

BSK is excited to give our clients and business partners the ability to watch the construction of our new BSK lab come together. The new Analytical Lab in Fresno is coming along great! It is on the corner of Laverne and Armstrong, with close access to two major freeways, making for easier access for all of our customers.


Concept Behind the Construction of New BSK Lab.

In the summer BSK Associates began the process of finding and securing a new location for our Fresno Analytical Lab. The concept was to obtain a safe and convenient location for our clients and employees. Additionally, we wanted to accommodate future growth in a single, state of the art facility, designed specifically for environmental lab operations.

Our new analytical lab will feature an open floorplan. The floorplan has been designed for ideal flow of our processes, communication, and collaboration. It will facilitate and encourage cross training by providing training and collaboration spaces. The 25,600 square feet of open space allows for up to 30% more analytical testing capacity. Furthermore, the new lab will allow for more growth and flexibility to address future analytical needs. With these key features in place, BSK will be able to continue to invest in and serve our community and clients at the highest of standards.

“Having the opportunity to design our space has been very rewarding. Every lab department was consulted in the design of their new space in the new building so the final floor plan is a compilation of great ideas on the part of BSK staff. The process went through several iterations until we all felt we had the perfect lab.”-Belinda Vega, BSK Associates COO of Laboratories.


BSK strongly believes in giving back to the communities in which we work. We make sure our community involvement goals have a positive impact on the communities which we serve; because, in the end it’s all about community.

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