Delano Earlimart Irrigation District

Delano Earlimart Irrigtion District Water Recharge Projects 

BSK has been working with the Delano Earlimart Irrigation District to develop their groundwater recharge projects totaling more than 300 acres of recharge facilities.  The groundwater recharge project is known as the Turnipseed Recharge Basin, which could receive water from either the District’s distribution system of from direct diversions from the White River.  This project will significant benefit the District in balancing their groundwater.  The recharge basins are located northwest of the intersection of Avenue 24 and Road 176 near Delano, California.  BSK has worked with the District Engineer, Provost and Pritchard, on this project for the last four years and we are continuing to work on this project.

BSK strongly believes in giving back to the communities in which we work. We make sure our community involvement goals have a positive impact on the communities which we serve; because, in the end it’s all about community.

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