Hwy 101 / Blossom Hill Road Interchange Improvement Project

BSK is currently providing Quality Assurance Materials Testing and Source Inspection Services to the US 101/Blossom Hill Road Interchange Improvement Project. The purpose of this project will improve traffic on the freeways and local roadways in the vicinity and improve bicycle and pedestrian travel along Blossom Hill Road and surrounding areas. The project has multiple components and phases including construction of a bridge structure over US 101, widening of the existing US 101 northbound off-ramp, reconfiguration of the eastbound approach to the Blossom Hill Road/northbound off-ramp, widening of the existing US 101 southbound off-ramp, realignment of the entrances to the existing US 101 southbound and northbound loop on-ramps, reconfiguration of Monterey Road to eastbound Blossom Hill Road connector ramp, and installation of a Bicycle/Pedestrian path.
BSK’s services include materials testing of soils, aggregate base, hot-mix asphalt, structural concrete, and structural steel elements. BSK’s source inspection scope included prefabricated concrete and steel items, as well as anchorage, epoxy coated reinforcement, welded rebar hoops, rebar couplers, reinforcing steel and prestressing tendons, column casings, and a prefabricated steel pedestrian bridge.