Alhambra Valley Road Bridge

Alhambra Valley Road Bridge

Alhambra Valley Road Bridge Washout and Emergency Culvert Repair

Alhambra Valley Road Bridge Washout and Emergency Culvert Repair

Under a geotechnical engineering on-call services contract directly with Contra Costa County, BSK investigated this landslide. BSK also provided repair recommendations so the roadway could be restored.

Recommendations included Soldier Pile and lagging, and stitch piers. Recommendations also included landslide removal and slope reconstruction. As part of an on-call construction management contract, BSK provided materials testing services for this project as it proceeded to construction. Furthermore, the project included removal of washed-out culvert debris and headwalls, and the construction of a single span, pre-cast, prestressed voided slab bridge.  Additionally, the bridge was supported on concrete abutments on driven piles, and a new roadway section was placed for the bridge approach.  BSK provided materials testing offsite for precast member fabrication and onsite for earthwork. Moreover,  hot-mix asphalt pavement, and concrete construction elements were provided.

Alhambra Valley Road Bridge Washout and Emergency Culvert Repair

BSK Associates is proud to have served Contra Costa County Public Works Department.

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