Dalton Reservoir Project

Dalton Reservoir Project

BSK holds an on-call environmental and geotechnical and materials testing contract with the City of Livermore. Dalton Reservoir Project was one of the task orders. This project replaced an existing 2.0 million-gallon steel water reservoir with a new 3.41 million-gallon steel reservoir on a 5.7-acre site in the northeastern portion of the City of Livermore.

BSK performed soils observation and compaction testing, rebar placement inspection, concrete placement inspection, structural steel welding inspection, and coatings inspection through a subconsultant. Additionally, BSK provided inspection for more than 20,000 linear feet of welds and nearly 1.25 million pounds of steel materials.

BSK strongly believes in giving back to our communities. We make sure our community involvement goals have a positive impact on the communities which we serve; because, it’s all about community.

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