Peterson Road Improvement Project

Peterson Road Improvement Project


The Peterson Road Improvement Project was located in Auberry, Fresno County, Ca. Following the 2020 Creek Fire, damage to the southwestern slopes adjacent to Peterson Road east of Tollhouse Road were sustained.  Furthermore, it is understood the slope had exhibited minor sloughing in the past. However, after recent fires and increased truck traffic, slopes had exhibited more significant movement.  Curbs along the road edge had moved several inches. Additionally, in three locations radial cracking patterns emanating from the slope edge were visible in the asphalt pavement. The slopes below the roadway were approximately 20 to 40 feet high.  Moreover, previous drainage along the roadway appeared to include diverting water to the shoulders and use of culverts. New retaining walls were designed and planned to be supported on shallow foundations or micro-piles.

Repair of the landslides at the site was under a tight schedule to improve the road before the community could start rebuilding following the Creek Fire. Performing geotechnical investigation, laboratory testing, and preparing the report was completed within 10 business days. BSK is proud to have worked on this project.

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