Marsh Creek Road Bridge

Marsh Creek Road Bridge

Marsh Creek Road Bridge is located in the unincorporated area of east Contra Costa County between Clayton and Brentwood.  This $4.9 million project replaced an existing 29.5 ft. wide by 44.5 ft. long steel girder bridge with a new, wider, two‐stage precast/pre‐stressed wide‐flange California Bulb Tee girder bridge. Additionally, each bridge abutment had either wingwall or retaining walls constructed in each corner of the bridge.

The new bridge has two 12 ft. lanes and two 8 ft. shoulders. Furthermore, several Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques were used in an area which had environmental restrictions. In addition, the project area had 6,000 vehicles/day traveling along Marsh Creek Road. Construction was staged in four phases.

This project was primarily funded by Federal Highway Bridge Replacement funding, Local Road funds, and SB‐1 funds. Moreover, the project was designed to Caltrans standards.

This project used high early strength concrete. In addition, concrete accelerants, and soil‐cement backfill with geogrid were used. This project further called for 22 ft temporary soil‐nail shoring walls along with a Soldier pile wall with concrete facing. Further, the project team approved two special concrete mix designs, one with higher cement content and water reducers (Delvo). The second with concrete accelerant BASF MasterSet AC 534, which was pre‐approved through Caltrans. This helped achieve over 4,200 psi concrete in 3 days.

BSK Associates

BSK acted as a subconsultant to Substrate, Inc., and under Hill International’s direction. Moreover, BSK’s role in the project was to support source inspection of six – 88’ 3” long girders at Confab LLC in Lathrop. Additionally we provided Quality Assurance materials testing/special inspection of structural backfill, and aggregate base; as well as, hot mix asphalt and structural concrete construction elements.

This project was an awardee of the American Public Works Association for Project of the Year in 2018. BSK Associates is proud to have been a part of such an amazing project! 

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