Our Team is Recognized by the City of Davis for Excellent Service and Professionalism

At BSK, we understand the important role we serve to our clients.  That is especially true of our Analytical Chemistry division, where it’s not always “Just another day at the office.” Emergency situations often come up that require testing, and they don’t always come up during business hours. There are times when public health and safety matters could be at stake, so having a team that is always prepared to respond to our clients’ needs, whatever the circumstances may be, is something we take very seriously.

Brenda Hamilton from our Sacramento laboratory location and Jaime LaFave from our Fresno laboratory location met with  the City of Davis staff on a Saturday afternoon last month and successfully assisted with an emergency situation that required a quick response, quick action and quick results turn-around.

“…the City needed emergency assistance and your team provided much needed professionalism and support.”

As a company, we feel it’s important to acknowledge one another’s efforts and achievements when something stands out. Everyone likes to know that their effort has some value. So we were pleased to find this letter in our mailbox acknowledging the effort and dedication of our team.

Click here  to read the full letter from the City of Davis.