National Safety Preparedness Month

BSK: National Safety Preparedness

BSK: National Safety Preparedness Month

September is National Safety Preparedness Month and at BSK Associates we take safety and preparedness very seriously.

Developing a Plan.

There are several ways we can prepare for emergencies and natural disasters. However, planning is the best way to start. Department of Homeland Security advises that you begin by finding out the types of disasters  that could occur in your area. Next they recommend that you discuss your plan with your family and friends. Decide how you will stay up to date on emergency alerts and warnings. Choose a shelter plan. Figure out which route you will take to evacuate, and how you will stay in contact with your loved ones.

The next step recommended, when forming a clear and concise emergency plan, is to figure out your specific needs as a family.  Additionally, you need to have a plan in mind so that you will be able to meet those needs. Do you or a family member require certain medication? Does anyone have a disability? Do you have pets or children in school? If you do have children, it is recommended that you download the Emergency Plan for Parents guide. This is a free guide provided by FEMA. Additionally on this website you will find several other free downloadable guides that will help to aid in your emergency plan.

Lastly, you should always practice your plan as often as possible. This is especially important if you have children. Being prepared and practicing for a disaster helps children feel safer if there truly ever is a disaster.

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Safety Preparedness Month.

BSK is about community.

BSK strongly believes in giving back to the communities in which we work. We believe the well-being of our communities has a direct bearing on the success of BSK, and our employees. We make sure our community involvement goals have a positive impact on the communities which we serve; because, in the end it’s all about community.

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