BSK: Proud Sponsor for the AWWA-PNWS

BSK: Proud Sponsor for the AWWA-PNWS Golf Tournament

BSK Associates Analytical Laboratory, Vancouver, Washington was a proud sponsor for the American Water Works Association Pacific Northwest Section, or AWWA PNWS, Annual Golf Tournament. This is our 5th year sponsoring this amazing event which raises funds for Water for the People and helps provide scholarship funds. We are proud to announce that approximately two thousand dollars will be going toward some fantastic causes.

Supported Causes

Water for the People was originally established in 1991. There focus is on sustainable water and sanitary services for everyone. They currently serve nine countries around the world. Eventually, it’s their goal to help provide safe drinking water for every country. Another portion of the funds raised will go to scholarships for water related education.

The AWWA, a nonprofit scientific and educational society focused on water related affairs, holds several fundraisers for water related causes throughout the year. Since 1881, their advocacy for safe and sustainable water has helped thousands throughout the world. Thus, making them community leaders in the water industry.

BSK: Proud Sponsor for the AWWA-PNWS Golf Tournament

BSK: Proud Sponsor for the AWWA-PNWS Golf Tournament

We are excited to announce that the golf tournament was once again a success! We had the opportunity to provide prizes and refreshments throughout the day and speak with several individuals about analytical testing; but most importantly, we had the ability to collaborate with others about the importance of water quality and control.

“We looked forward to this event every year. It’s an opportunity to give back to the community because that’s what BSK is all about!”  said Elizabeth Bunger, BSK’s Vancouver Laboratory Director.

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BSK strongly believes in giving back to the communities in which we work. We believe the well-being of our communities has a direct bearing on the success of BSK, and our employees. We strive to make sure our community involvement goals have a positive impact on the communities which we serve because in the end it’s all about community.

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Marsh Creek Road Bridge

Marsh Creek Road Bridge BSK’s Northern Regional Manager and Project Manager Tim Rodriguez

The Marsh Creek Road Bridge has made national news! 

The American Public Works Association (APWA) designated the Marsh Creek Road Bridge Replacement Project as the National APWA Public Works Project of the Year for 2019 in the category of Transportation for less than $5 million. This comes after the original APWA selection for being Project of the Year in Northern California in the same category.
The project replaced an existing 29.5 ft. wide by 44.5 ft. long steel girder bridge that was considered “Geometrically Intolerable” with a 91 ft. long California Bulb-Tee Girder featuring two 12 ft. lanes and two 8 ft. shoulders.

BSK’s contributions to the project included support source inspection of six 88’3” long girders, in addition to quality assurance materials testing services for earthwork, concrete, and hot-mix asphalt construction elements, including offsite plant sampling and testing. All work provided by BSK was as a subconsultant to Substrate, Inc., and under Hill International’s direction.
According to, BSK’s Northern Regional Manager and Project Manager for the project, Tim Rodriguez, “BSK is so proud to be a part of this national win. The team we were part of was a pleasure to work with and coordinated the quality assurance services we provided in a thorough and proactive manner. Many thanks to all of the BSK staff that provided support to the project and contributed to its successful completion.”

Support services from BSK were completed by their Livermore Branch and all work was performed in accordance with the Contra Costa County Quality Assurance Program and Caltrans Standard Specifications.

The $4.9 million Marsh Creek Road Bridge Replacement project, located in an unincorporated area east of Contra Costa County, was completed in less than a year; adhering to a strict environmental permit deadline during the process. All the while maintaining a flawless safety record of zero accidents or incidents. BSK looks forward to being part of the Contra Costa County project delivery team in the future!

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Yosemite Cleanup Event with BSK

Yosemite Cleanup Event with BSK!

Yosemite Cleanup Event with BSK


We are proud to announce another successful Yosemite Cleanup Event with BSK Associates!

This year’s Yosemite Cleanup Event was organized by Danaige Tower from the BSK Livermore Office. The Annual Yosemite Cleanup consisted of 17 volunteers this year. This group of dedicated BSK employees were able to gather twenty 5-gallon buckets worth of trash. We are happy to say Yosemite National Park is now a little cleaner!


According to data from the Yosemite National Park they collect approximately 2,200 tons of garbage a year. Yosemite officials say that equals 3,919 dumpsters of trash. Taller than any peak in the park and higher than any mountain in the lower 48 states. Now that is a lot of trash!

We are dedicated to giving back to the community.  BSK recognizes the importance of environmental and economic sustainability. We are committed to providing our services with a focus on reducing environmental impact and protecting natural resources. We strive to be an innovative company that benefits our clients, employees and affected communities while conducting business in a socially and environmentally ethical manner.

BSK strives to observe these sustainability practices

  • Development of a company culture that encourages efficient use and preservation of natural resources.
  • Minimize the carbon footprint of our business facilities and job sites.
  • Support our local communities through participation in organizations and activities focused on environmental preservation.
  • Apply environmentally friendly practices and design through our engineering and consulting services.
  • Learn, practice, and promote sustainable practices as a core responsibility.

The sustainability practices at BSK are a continually evolving, collaborative effort of our entire firm. We recognize that the efforts made today affect the environment and resources available tomorrow.

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BSK is certified as a Great Place to Work!

Happy employees make happy clients, and we couldn’t be prouder to be certified as a Great Place to Work 2019!

How did we earn this?

Our employees shared in our engagement survey and 81% of them said we were a GREAT place to work. Not a good place. Not a nice place. But a GREAT place! We also completed an intense culture brief where we shared our activities as a values-driven company to ensure we provide quality professional services to you.

More than 90% of BSK employees shared that…

  • People are treated fairly regardless of age, race, sex, and sexual orientation.
  • We trust our people.
  •  We are flexible, safe, and welcoming.

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BSK Associates is always seeking diverse talent to join our team. We strive to recruit professional employees committed to success and growth of our company and themselves.
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BSK Blood Drive

BSK Blood Drive

BSK Blood Drive


The BSK Blood Drive 2019 was a success! A total of 19 people attempted and 16 were able to donate. We had several 1st time donors this year, which is always fabulous! A BIG THANKS to Mike Brechmann whose BBQ pork was as wonderful as always. There was a total of $54 donated which was taken to the Central Valley Blood Center by Shirley Leu who spearheaded the drive.

BSK strongly believes in giving back to the communities in which we work. We believe the well-being of our communities has a direct bearing on the success of BSK and our employees. Our community involvement goals are to have the most positive impact on the communities which we serve and, have our employees continue to make a difference in their communities through personal, office, and firm sponsored activities.

We look forward to giving back at BSK’s Annual Blood Drive events. According to the American Red Cross, just one donation can save up to three lives. And, we take great pride in knowing that this year we had enough volunteers to potentially save 50 peoples lives! Please join us at our next blood drive event and help us reach our goal of 25 donations. The Central Valley Blood Center also excepts cash donations, BSK was one of the first organizations to give cash donations, and we strive to continue that tradition each year.

Thanks again to all who participated.

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