Bill Bayle at City of Oceanside’s La Salinas WWTP Pulling Samples for 8 Day Local Limits Study

November 2018 – Santa Rosa Regional Resources Authority Local Limit Study

BSK RAL is currently working on a local limit study for the Santa Rosa Regional Resources Authority (operator of the Santa Rosa Water Reclamation Facility (SRWRF).
The Regional Water Quality Control Board regulates the treatment and reuse of SRWRF recycled water. Board Order 94-92 requires the implementation of an industrial discharge pretreatment program in accordance with regulations established by the USEPA. The development and periodic update of facility-specific sewer discharge standards (local limits) is one of the 40 CFR 403 pretreatment requirements. Local limits are required to prevent pollutants from:

  • Endangering treatment facilities or personnel
  • Interfering with treatment or solids processes
  • Passing through treatment processes in sufficient quantity to cause exceedance of water quality standards of effluent permit limitations, or
  • Causing exceedance of state or federal sludge standards

BSK Field Department Staff (under the supervision of Mark Tracy) are currently installing and collecting 24-Hour Composite samples at 2 locations within the SRWRF tributary area. One location characterizes wastewater flows from a predominantly residential area, and the other location characterizes wastewater flows from an area that includes a significant flow component from commercial areas. Two Days of sampling at each location will occur (one during mid-week and one on the weekend).

Field Technician, Bill Bayle, taking samples for the City of Fontana CBRP Monitoring Program

July 2018 – City of Oceanside 8 Day Local Limits Study

BSK was contracted by RvL Associates to collect and analyze 24-hour time composite and grab samples from the City’s service area that represent both residential and commercial dischargers, the City’s wastewater treatment facilities, the City water treatment facility and the Fallbrook Public Utilities District wastewater discharge to the Oceanside ocean outfall. All samples were collected and analyzed in accordance with 40 CFR 136. Samples were collected over 8 consecutive days at 13 locations.

Late Summer 2018 – The City of Fontana Comprehensive Bacteria Reduction Plan (CBRP)

The City of Fontana contract has several challenging sampling components. In the picture above, BSK Field Technician II, Bill Bayle, grabs samples from a runoff basin. This program annually monitors the discharges from MS4 (storm water) outfalls to assess whether they contribute to water quality problems in the receiving water. Currently, Bill samples 3 locations for this project.

24-Hour Composite Sampling Installation with ISCO Brand Samplers

Ongoing Projects for 2018

On going FAL projects include the installation of 24-Hour Composite samplers for the wastewater discharge monitoring of companies such as CEMEX, the Walmart Distribution Center, Frito Lay, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Auto Auction, California Aseptic Beverages, Cliffstar California, Triple H Food Processors, Home Gardens Sanitary District, SunRich Fresh Foods, City of Barstow Pretreatment, Yucaipa Valley Water District, City of Corona, Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority, the County of San Bernardino Special Districts, the City of Oceanside and miscellaneous RvL Associates Local Limits Studies.