What is Superpave?

What is Superpave?

What is Superpave?

The history of Superpave dates to the 1980’s. During that time, it had become apparent that some pavement wasn’t performing as well as others. While one section of highway would be in great shape, just down the road, another section would be degraded and need repair. Due to that, in 1987, congress decided that we needed to improve our highway system. Subsequently allotting $150 million into a 5-year program called the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP). The goal of this program was to:

  • Determine why some pavement functioned better than other pavement.
  • Develop guidelines and tests that would ensure all pavement used will hold up to the highest standard.
  • Collaborate within the industry to guarantee the new qualifications were being used.

In 1992, Superpave was introduced. SHRP had found that by implementing 3 mechanisms our asphalt would become more sustainable against extreme weather and heavy traffic conditions. Asphalt binder specifications, a volume mix design and analysis system, and a mix analysis testing became Superpave.

What is Superpave?

Superpave has become a success.

Implementing Superpave on our highways has increased the longevity of our roads. Commuters are not the only ones positively effected by Superpave. For instance, almost all highways in the United States use asphalt pavements. Moreover, the yearly expense for asphalt pavement is over 10 billion. Furthermore, let’s not forget about the environmental impact.  The more sustainable our roads, the more we save. Superpave has done that!

We are proud to be one of the first!

BSK is one of the first Material Testing Laboratories in California to invest in Superpave.

Which means; we have been doing Superpave longer than most. And, experience is everything! Our personnel is not only trained, we have extensive experience in Superpave hot-mix asphalt technology. Our employees are knowledgeable in AASHTO/ASTM test methods, and hold applicable Caltrans certifications.  Additionally, our Livermore materials testing laboratory is accredited by the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) Program. Along with the Caltrans for testing in accordance with “Superpave” test methods, and Section 39 of the Caltrans Standard Specifications.

We offer Independent Assurance Laboratory & Testing Support.

  • Material Selection: Aggregate QA testing for gradation, evaluation of aggregate blends and binders.
  • Design: Verification of trial blends, asphalt structure, binder content, mix design.
  • Construction: Field QA testing of construction materials including soil, in accordance with ASTM.

What is Superpave?

Our Equipment.

BSK has made significant capital investments to support our clients as you incorporate Superpave in your capital improvement budgets.

First being the Gyratory Compactor, which uses a gyrating motion to improve mix design’s ability to stimulate field compaction. The gyrations chosen are based on design traffic level. We also invested in the Hamburg Wheel Tracker, which checks aggregate structure, binder stiffness, moisture susceptibility.

Saving our clients’ money is always at the top of our list. Superpave helps ensure the pavement will last longer and perform better; Basically, we are saving our clients money!

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What is Superpave?