BSK rides Olli to Work

BSK rides Olli to Work: first ever co-created, 3D printed, self-driving shuttle.

Featuring Morgan Antaramian, Geologist at BSK Sacramento office.

BSK rides to work in Olli, first ever co-created, 3D printed, self-driving shuttle. Olli was developed by Local Motors and launched for the first time in National Harbor, Maryland in June of 2016. This August, Olli made his introduction at the White Rock Corporate Campus business park, in the City of Rancho Cordova, home to BSK’s Sacramento office.

Olli takes innovation to the next level! This environmentally friendly, self-driving shuttle also acts as a personal assistant during your journey. For instance, curious about the weather forecast, ask Ollie. Want some advice on local restaurants, Ollie can assist. Olli comes equipped with IBM Watson LoT technology to help answer any questions you may have during the duration of your ride, and Olli can be customized for the riders and cities in which he is located.

Featuring Kevin Grove, BSK’s Environmental Group Manager of the Sacramento office.

This 8-passenger shuttle can see 360 degrees and its riders are always being monitored by a human. Thus, making Olli a relatively safe way to get around. The Rancho Cordova Olli has an attendant on board with an emergency brake for added safety.

“Riding Olli is an excellent solution for the first/last mile dilemma that has plagued public transit. I can not wait to see this at airports, sporting events, and downtown!” Kevin Grove, Environmental Group Manager of the Sacramento office, said.

Rancho Cordova has the privilege of being the first city to test Olli’s capabilities in a business park setting. Will it cut down on traffic? Will it be easier to get to work or go on a lunch break? Well, we don’t have the answers to that question yet, but we sure do know it’s fun to ride!


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