JSAS Support for Construction Compliance Order

JSAS Support for Construction Compliance Order

JSAS Support for Construction Compliance Order

Effective immediately, San Francisco Bay Area Counties* and the City of Berkeley will require JSAS support for the Construction Compliance Order. The order states, to start or continue with large construction projects, the site must comply with all social distancing and construction project safety protocols. In Appendices A and B-2, the order references Social Distancing and Large Construction Project Safety Protocol, section 2.J. Furthermore, the order requires that a Third-Party Jobsite Safety Accountability Supervisor (JSAS) be assigned to a jobsite to verify compliance with protocols by visual inspection and random worker interviews. Additionally, all JSAS personnel must be OSHA 30-hour certified and hold a current first aid certificate.


Introducing BSK’s Construction Health & Safety Services Group


BSK’s Construction Health & Safety Services Group is here to assist you in your compliance. BSK  is pleased to announce that we can provide COVID-19 essential service project support. In addition, we are JSAS certified to ensure we meet all your needs.

BSK has a long track record of providing customer service and quality assurance to essential services projects.  Additionally, BSK is certified for California for Small Business for Public Works projects. Furthermore, our JSAS professionals have the required safety training and construction experience to verify compliance.

A significant amount of work will be required by construction firms to develop Site-Specific Health and Safety Plans to address COVID-19-related issues. 

Construction firms must provide personal protective equipment (PPE). The PPE materials are specifically for use in construction. Therefore, ensuring safety standards for jobsite specific needs. For instance, some examples include gloves, goggles, face shields, and face coverings. Additionally, Site Specific Health and Safety Plans will need to include:

  • Social Distancing Requirements.
  • Employee PPE Training and Records.
  • Wash Stations or Hand Sanitizers that are Effective Against COVID-19.
  • Daily Attendance Logs.
  • Signage, Cleaning, and Sanitation Practices.
  • Community Spread Reduction Plan.
  • Safety Compliance Officer Requirements.

BSK welcomes the opportunity to discuss your company’s approach to order compliance. This 30-minute teleconference is free of charge. Moreover, the teleconference can help provide you with a basic assessment of your company’s compliance. Above all, BSK wants to help you make this transition as easy as possible.

Let BSK’s Construction Health & Safety Services Group help you with your future COVID-19 Construction Service needs.

The Bay Area Counties and Berkeley issued their own distinct protocols. However, the protocols are much the same.  For more on Bay Area Counties see links.

Contra Costa County cchealth.org.

San Mateo County smchealth.org.

Marin County marinhhs.org.

Alameda County acphd.org.

San Francisco County sfdph.org.

Santa Clara County sscgov.org.

City of Berkely.

* Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. 


BSK is certified for California Small Business for Public Works projects. 


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