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EPA Will Take New Action Against PFAS

The administration has launched a plan to combat PFAS pollution. This plan includes new regulatory actions and commitments from federal agencies to address PFAS contamination in water, soil, and air. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched a PFAS Roadmap comprehensive strategy that outlines the strategy for the next three years to controlling PFAS at its sources, hold polluters accountable, ensure […]

Meet The BSK Staff: Damian Montoya, IT Analyst

Get ready to meet Damian Montoya, our skilled IT Analyst at BSK Associates! Damian plays a crucial role in ensuring our technology runs smoothly, supporting our team in delivering top-notch services. Join us as we delve into Damian’s journey at BSK Associates, showcasing the diverse talents that drive our success. Stay tuned for more insider […]

How BSK is helping the Central Valley’s Agricultural Industry with Dairy Digesters

How BSK is helping the Central Valley’s Agricultural Industry with Dairy Digesters BSK has been part of the effort the agricultural industry in the greater Fresno area has made towards sustainability with the construction of new dairy digesters. BSK has provided environmental, geotechnical, special inspection and materials testing support to many dairy digester projects in the […]

Meet The BSK Staff: Amy Blazer, Project Professional I

Meet the BSK Staff We’re excited to kick off this series by introducing you to Amy Blazer, one of our talented female engineers at BSK Associates! Amy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Get to know Amy and her journey with BSK Associates as we highlight our amazing staff every other […]

Why Stormwater Testing Matters and How BSK Can Help.

Why Stormwater Testing Matters and How BSK Can Help As the skies open and rain pours down, the importance of effective stormwater management becomes increasingly apparent, especially in regions like Southern and Central California where recent weather patterns have led to widespread flooding. At BSK Associates, we understand the critical role that stormwater testing plays […]

BSK Associates Expands Presence with Opening of South Bay Area Office in San Jose

BSK Associates Expands Presence with Opening of South Bay Area Office in San Jose   BSK Associates, a leading engineering and analytical consulting firm, proudly announces the grand opening of its newest location, the South Bay Area Office, situated at 2510 Seaboard Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131. This strategic expansion underscores BSK’s commitment to better […]

Safety Reminder for Adverse Weather Conditions

Safety Reminder: As provided by OSHA, here are some key tips to ensure worker safety during adverse weather conditions: Daily weather forecast monitoring. Being aware of approaching hurricanes and storms. Training workers to identify signs of approaching bad weather conditions – such as thunder in the distance, dark clouds, increasing wind speeds, etc. Securing loose […]

Rebar Tensile Strength Testing

As part of our quality assurance testing scope of services, BSK performs rebar tensile strength testing including measurement of elongation as shown here. This testing provides several key benefits: Benefits of Rebar Tensile Strength Testing Ensures Structural Integrity: The primary purpose of tensile testing is to ensure that the rebar can withstand the forces it […]

Lead and Copper Rule Explained

Lead and Copper Rule Explained The Lead and Copper Rule is an EPA regulation established as a tool to protect public drinking water. The rule sets a maximum contaminant level goal of zero. Additionally, it requires public water systems to employ a treatment technique that reduces corrosion of plumbing materials that contain lead and copper. […]