Groundwater Monitoring & Water Management Compliance for SB 4


California’s new well stimulation permitting law-SB 4, increases regulatory oversight over all well stimulation activities, including hydraulic fracturing. Key components of the law are the requirement to prepare a Groundwater Monitoring Plan and a Water Management Plan. The Groundwater Monitoring Plan requirements may be satisfied through field-specific or well-specific plans developed pursuant to Section 10783 of the California Water Code. The Water Management Plan shall address the source(s), quantities and disposal methods for stimulation fluids to be used. Regulations also include provisions for an independent entity to perform baseline and follow up water testing upon request of neighboring property owners.

We can help!

BSK can take the guess work out of complying with specific provisions of SB 4. We have served the engineering and water-related needs of municipalities, agriculture and industry throughout Central California for nearly 50 years. Our staff is experienced with California water issues, the various hydrogeologic environments which exist in California, and the numerous regulatory agencies, regulations and processes inherent to water issues in California. In addition we have worked with some of the largest petrochemical and natural gas development companies in the country.


Our expertise includes:

  • Groundwater planning & development
  • Groundwater monitoring & reporting
  • Water regulatory compliance
  • Aquifer characterization
  • Computer modeling
  • Production well & water delivery systems design
  • Contaminant plume characterization & remediation
  • Water treatment systems
  • Permitting and operation of public water supplies
  • Environmental assessments & compliance
  • Analytical testing