An understanding of hydrogeologic conditions is fundamental in evaluating the quality and quantity of water supply and for determining an adequate and appropriate solution for contaminated sites. BSK has completed a variety of surface water and groundwater hydrogeology projects, including water resource studies and contaminant investigations. Our experience includes projects in environments as hydrogeologically diverse as the soft muds of the San Francisco Bay Area and the dry, collapsing sands of California’s Central Valley.

BSK has developed efficient investigative methods tailored to each site. Our staff designs infiltration basins for large-scale, long-term storm water detention studies. The design requirements take into consideration the specific soil types and groundwater conditions at the site. We use investigative methods, ranging from basic hydrogeological measurements to sophisticated computer modeling, using data collected during field investigations.

Our services include:

  • Groundwater exploration
  • Water quality investigations
  • Water supply well design and construction
  • Safe yield studies
  • Aquifer testing
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Wellhead protection
  • Aquifer recharge

BSK’s water resources experience ranges from single-well projects to aquifer- and basin-wide evaluations. As part of our water resources experience, we have successfully designed and sited several water recharge basins and water supply systems throughout Central and Northern California.

BSK has conducted hydrogeologic investigations and characterized contamination at a wide variety of sites including commercial/industrial facilities, sanitary landfills, agricultural/agribusiness facilities, and service stations.

We have characterized shallow single aquifers to deep multiple-aquifer systems, evaluating the distribution of subsurface contaminants and determining cost-effective remediation options. Additionally, we have conducted wastewater/storm water infiltration studies to determine the feasibility of using sites for wastewater or storm water disposal.