Geotechnical Engineering

Focused Approach Provides Cost Savings

A detailed geotechnical investigation can provide the basis for cost savings in foundation design and long-term building maintenance. BSK produces studies with accurate understanding of soil conditions and engineering properties. Our objective is to provide clear and concise reports which accurately represent soil conditions, instead of overly conservative values resulting from insufficient test data.

Our geotechnical engineers, and engineering geology staff, have conducted studies for:

  • Highways, airports, roads & bridges
  • Water & wastewater treatment facilities
  • Hospital & medical buildings
  • Office & retail complexes
  • Water storage and delivery systems
  • Commercial and industrial developments
  • Solid waste management facilities
  • Schools
  • Dams & levees
  • Telecommunication towers & facilities
  • Parks & recreation facilities

BSK’s expertise is valued by our clients from the preliminary planning stages of a project through design and construction. Our involvement in geotechnical engineering and the construction support phases of the project, means changing conditions can be addressed in a timely fashion, reducing costly project delays. Quality and efficiency is heightened by providing a seamless transition from one phase of the project to the next.

Additionally, by providing geotechnical review during construction, field crews have direct access to the engineering staff, allowing for immediate action on any unexpected site conditions.

BSK’s Geotechnical Engineering Services include:

  • Geotechnical site evaluations
  • Soil and foundation investigations
  • Excavation dewatering
  • Soil stabilization studies
  • Rippability and grading feasibility studies
  • Landfill liner and cover design
  • Construction engineering
  • Pavement design
  • Construction inspection

In-House Soil Testing Improves Reliability and Decreases Turnaround Time

To take continuity one step further, our engineering office contains a soils testing laboratory which enables our Geotechnical Engineers to direct, observe, and participate in the testing programs. This greatly improves the reliability of the laboratory test data. As an added benefit, our three conveniently located soils testing laboratories can respond quickly and efficiently, even with tight schedules.

Our laboratory capabilities include:

  • Full range of strength tests
  • Bearing ratio and R-value tests
  • Expansion and consolidation testing
  • Particle size analysis, sand equivalent, and plasticity determination
  • Permeability testing