CEQA/NEPA and Permitting Services

Streamlined Support

The BSK California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) team works closely with lead/trustee/responsible agencies, project proponents, regulators, and stakeholders to achieve timely and cost-effective project approvals.

BSK’s team of planners, engineers, ecologists, facilitators, environmental and earth scientists carefully assesses each project to identify the most streamlined approach to achieve the project purpose, including exemptions, exclusions, addenda, or tiering.

Seamless Permitting

BSK’s team provides a seamless, integrated approach, depending on each project’s need, from initial Phase I Site Assessments, ecological reconnaissance, and relevant special studies to inform the CEQA and/or NEPA analysis.

BSK prepares DFW 1600 series permits, RWQCB 401 certification, USACE delineation, 404/408 permits, USFWS and NOAA-NMFS biological assessments, Section 7 and 10 coordination, and other permitting documents, mitigation and monitoring compliance, and WEAPs.

BSK specializes in defensible project findings, as well as carefully designed mitigation for project impacts which reduce litigation exposure.

Litigation Support

At times, litigation support is required to defend projects from petitioner’s claims, or to address potential project impacts from the petitioner’s perspective. BSK has experience with both approaches.