Brownfields Revitalization Consulting

Returning abandoned Brownfields properties to vital real estate can be a daunting task. BSK’s emphasis on obtaining and using Brownfields funding tools can convert blighted areas into areas of economic opportunity.

Our team is nationally recognized for their contributions to Brownfields development practices. We have been supporting clients for over ten years by obtaining funds, developing technical solutions, creating reuse planning, and addressing legal and regulatory concerns. Our team niche for writing award winning U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grants has resulted in over $2.5 million for California communities to leverage additional funds and private sector interest.

We focus results in:

  • Award winning grant applications
  • Grant management and reporting
  • Effective community outreach and planning
  • Inventory and priority of sites in GIS format
  • Comprehensive Phase I and Phase II investigations
  • CEQA/NEPA and other environmental analysis
  • Cleanup planning integrating with Best Reuse Plans
  • Cost saving cleanup actions

We work with communities, owners, developers, and regulators to identify the critical path to achieve site closure by crafting reuse plans to properly prioritize tasks, reduce costs, and shorten schedules. We rely on innovative technologies and the highest quality data in approaching investigations and remediation. As collaborative partners, we count on BSK’s laboratory scientists to craft data quality objectives and present timely and usable results.

Involving our ecological services, geotechnical engineers and legal associates provides a full picture for future reuse. With the demise of California’s Redevelopment Agencies, local municipalities rely more than ever on the private public partnership to see projects to their end.