Analytical Testing

BSK Associates’ Laboratory Service Division (BSK Labs) was established in 1967 as a support service for our Engineering Division. However, BSK Labs has grown in its own right to become one of the top analytical testing firms in the country, with three laboratory locations and multiple service centers along the West Coast. BSK Labs employs over 70 technical professionals with degrees in chemistry, biology and microbiology. Our staff understands and appreciates the significance of the results they produce, recognizing their importance to the environment in which we live.  We take a consultative approach to service and strive to be experts in our field so that we may better assist our clients in satisfying their testing needs.

BSK Labs provides a broad range of analytical services to a variety of markets. BSK specializes in potable water quality chemistry, wastewater discharge compliance, storm water runoff, groundwater monitoring and solid waste characterization. We also offer fuel characterization services to the biomass energy industry and have provided specialty analytical services on a variety of complex, forensic investigations where standardized methodology may not apply.  In addition, we offer a comprehensive set of support services that include project consultation, sample collection, sample transportation, small public water system operation and management, and consumer confidence reporting (CCR) support.  Finally, our web and electronic data delivery services simplify our clients’ needs throughout the analytical process – from bottle order, to sample submission to reporting and results delivery.

BSK Labs provides testing solutions to:

  • Biomass Energy production plants
  • Desalination Facilities
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Food Processing facilities
  • Hazardous Material TSD operations
  • Irrigation, Reclamation and Conservation districts
  • Mining operations
  • Public and Private drinking water systems
  • Wastewater Treatment facilities
  • Water Banking and Storage agencies