Water Resources

Water resources present complex technical challenges and regulatory circumstances. Conflicting demands, regulatory reporting, water quality and availability, environmental regulations, conservation requirements, and water rights are just a few of the multifaceted matters surrounding this natural resource. Navigating these issues requires an engineering consultant with the knowledge and expertise to represent the client’s best interest. BSK balances the needs for reasonable cost, reliable supplies and safe drinking water, with sensible policy development.  Our work includes aquifer testing,  technical, managerial and financial assessments, water right and supply assessments,  creek restoration, as well as providing all phases of support for dams, levees, pipelines, canals, and water storage and treatment facilities. Our clients include government agencies, irrigation and reclamation districts, tribes, and public and private water purveyors.

Winters Putah Creek Nature Park

This is a multi-phased, multi-year project to prepare NEPA and CEQA environmental documentation and associated environmental permitting, reclaim an in-channel wastewater treatment system, remove a dam, complete a channel realignment and restoration, and implement a recreational access plan. The project includes detailed plan preparation, completion of environmental and special studies documents, preparation of hydraulic models, environmental permitting, bid documentation, ecological restoration and mitigation plans, supervision of elderberry protection, and compliance monitoring.


Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District

BSK has been supporting the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District (FMFCD) since 1977, successfully completing nearly 50 projects. Our services include geotechnical investigations, environmental, construction testing and inspection as well as analytical testing. BSK has worked on various FMFCD projects such as levees & canals, storm water systems, water supply systems, detention basins, dams, as well as roads and pipeline infrastructure. Specific tasks have included: FEMA Levee Certifications, Basin Feasibility Assessments, Chemical and Laboratory testing as well as Construction Monitoring & Observation.


Folsom Spillway

The project consists of constructing an auxiliary spillway to allow water to be released earlier and more safely from Folsom Lake during a high water event. Key features of the project include a control structure containing six submerged flood gates, a 3,000-foot spillway chute and a stilling basin, and a 1,100-foot approach channel. BSK assisted Granite Construction with designing and permitting the storm water management program for the 110-acre, Risk Level 3 project. The program consisted of conducting a hydrologic assessment to evaluate storm water runoff quantities, designing containment berms and settling basins, and developing the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.