The movement of goods and services through an effective transportation system is critical to economic development and sustainable growth. Transportation planners and engineers at every level of government are faced with the same issue: limited funding and aging infrastructure. Uncertain state budgets and federal funding have placed an unprecedented burden on maintaining an effective transportation system to meet public demand. BSK understands these issues. We have been supporting the transportation segment for over 40 years-from initial design support to construction. BSK delivers engineering services at every level of the transportation life-cycle providing cost effective solutions while maintaining design integrity. BSK has worked with state, local and federal transportation agencies, civil engineering and construction firms, as well as transit agencies and railroads.

Fresno City College Underpass

With Caltrans oversight, Burlington Northern Railroad designed and built the overcrossing bridge. BSK provided geotechnical engineering design and testing services, along with construction materials testing services. BSK reviewed the factor of safety for cut slope geometry, drilled and analyzed test hole borings along the railroad crossing, and performed compaction tests at more than 200 points.


Sierra Way Road Reconstruction, Lake Isabella

BSK provided geotechnical investigation, slope stability, seismic investigation/analysis, and construction materials testing and observations. The reconstruction involved removing slide debris from the damaged slope, excavating to competent material and rebuilding the embankment.