The changing healthcare industry has placed increased demands on facility construction. Strict adherence to budget, design standards and schedule is imperative. The ability of healthcare organizations to meet the future needs of an aging population is paramount. BSK understands these demands. For over 40 years BSK has been providing engineering support to some of the largest healthcare systems in California and the nation.  We have built a solid reputation within the healthcare industry and have been serving some clients for over 20 years.  Our work includes modernization and new design on multi-story hospitals, medical buildings, as well as assisted living, and ambulatory care facilities.    

Sierra View District Hospital

For more than 20 years, BSK has provided geotechnical engineering, geologic/seismic services and construction inspection and testing services for Sierra View District Hospital. Because the foundation system design must address the potential for liquefaction of the underground sand deposits, BSK recommended conventional continuous and isolated spread footings be used to provide adequate bearing support and moderate settlement. When liquefaction had to be mitigated to further reduce settlement, drilled piers founded atop the very dense gravel and cobble zone at depths below 30 feet or a structural mat foundation were recommended.