From local government agencies to state organizations, the message is the same: do more with less. Agencies must be able to meet the growing demands of the public and have an obligation to balance these demands with fiscal responsibility. BSK has been supporting state and local governments for over 45 years providing environmental and geotechnical engineering as well as analytical testing and construction testing and inspection. Our project experience includes roads, bridges, highways, civic buildings, municipal facilities, Brownfields, parks and recreation facilities, correctional facilities, and water infrastructure. We have worked within many departments including highways, public works, housing authorities, economic development, environmental management and waste water.


Yolo County, Cachce Creek Resource Management & Improvement Plans

BSK provided technical advising, field studies, mapping and analysis of over 14 miles of natural landscapes, including wetland delineations, to meet state and federal permitting requirements for a multi-use Management Plan. BSK also supported detailed ecological analyses of the weed management program and riparian vegetation re-establishment, as well as LiDAR and aerial photo analysis of the channel for use by the Geomorphologist. In addition, BSK researched and wrote the Biological Assessment for the riparian corridor, to be used toward renewal of the Cache Creek Regional General Permit #58.