BSK Safety Program

BSK values the health and safety of our employees. The goal of our safety program is to provide a safe and injury-free workplace for our employees, reduce risk and loss to the company, and to be compliant with regulatory laws. We identify our safety program as a core component of our culture where safety comes first.

Our program is supported by all levels of management and is summarized by our President Richard Johnson’s adopted safety message ... "Safety First is Safety Always" ...

Our safety program is reinforced through:

  • Safety moments beginning every meeting.
  • Daily & weekly field safety briefings.
  • Monthly safety meetings at all offices.
  • Internal announcements regarding safety topics.
  • Routine site visits and office assessments.

Our safety program promotes the health and well-being of our employees by preventing injuries and accidents in the workplace. The program involves active participation from all employees with the goal to create an environment where our employees are personally committed to workplace safety.

Our safety program includes the following elements, which are overseen by our full-time Director of Safety.

  • Injury & illness protection program
  • Hazard communication program
  • Medical surveillance program
  • Respiratory protection program
  • Driver safety
  • Hearing protection
  • Forklift safety
  • Radiation safety

The success of BSK is dependent on our employees working safely and injury-free everyday, so we can provide excellent value, exceptional service and creative solutions to our clients.